In Balkan Engineering Group, engineers design your project with the most recent and novel methods. Our engineers are capable to design urban and offshore structures. We can examine the structure of the project with the latest international software without the need for studying the results of laboratory simulations and using numerical simulation software such as Ansys and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the project followed by improving the weaknesses.

The Balkan group presents Structural Detailing Services for all types of buildings and materials. Our structural engineers do the required analysis and provide solutions to detailing projects of high complexity with efficiency. Our project portfolio includes structural steel/rebar/concrete detailing services for giant landmark structures and magnificent buildings worldwide.

We have great knowledge in international building codes and structural detailing standards and have worked on a wide range of projects for industrial plants and refineries, infrastructural facilities like airports, bridges, highways, parking lots, high and low-rise buildings, etc.

Rebar Modeling

Our Engineers provides 3D Rebar Modeling as well as Precast Structure detailing services for contractors, Builders, Developers, and Structural Engineers addressing practical situations during inception, design, construction, and operations.

Rebar Modeling