We are a professional engineering group that has provided services to different groups of individuals and organizations on different continents and countries.

In the field of architecture, our expert engineers with appropriate practical experience can provide appropriate services in interior and exterior, and landscape design, based on the conditions and functions of the project (hospital, office, or residential).

Also, the engineering department of the architecture branch of Balkan Company, with relevant information about architectural designing styles and knowledge about the psychology of environmental color effects on people, will try to design a place where meets all engineering standards and has positive and beneficial effects on people.

In the designing process, we try to use materials and elements in projects that are both approved by the employer to impose the lowest cost for employers.

Interior Design

Designing interior areas is done in accordance with concept developments, such as space planning, color concept, material, and furnishing selection by arranging amusing furniture layout, lighting, and interior elements.

The Balkan group provides interior design for commercial, institutions, and hotel buildings

Interior Design

Exterior Design Services

Designing exterior spaces based on concept developments, such as frame planning, color concept, material, and exterior decorative material selection followed by the amusing layout of lighting and exterior elements.

Our team provides exterior design for commercial, institutions, and hotel buildings.

Exterior Design Services

Architect BIM Service

Our Architectural BIM Services include creating building information models from sketches, CAD drawings, and documentation in BIM, clash detection, and content creation.

We carry out exceptional BIM Architectural Design services to governmental, research, educational, industrial clients, and the private sector.

Firm extensive services ranging from the planning and design of technically sophisticated including restaurants, private sector industrial buildings, offices, manufacturing, and Warehouse projects are provided by our group.

The Balkan designing team consistently delivers functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable solutions and are responsible for complete BIM modeling.

We have been fulfilling the project requirements of construction companies with standard and customized solutions regardless of the project’s category.

Architect BIM Service