CFD Is a very vast Part of Science, we can define it in various sectors such as Heat Transfer, Vortex Studies, Aerodynamics Hydraulics, etc.

Balkan Engineering Group offers limited services to its customers in the field of fluid dynamics and related sciences. Our engineers can provide services in the following sections:

Air Flow Stream Study at special ambient and space such as a hospital so that could simulate airflow for control infections in areas or control air volume velocity in rooms, for example, clean rooms.

On the other hand, we could simulate the HVAC model and check comfort conditions in spaces due to attention to relevant Codes and Standards.

Another part that our engineers can simulate is to investigate the smoke control and the impact of jet fans and the pressure in the area on the direction of smoke movement. So that it increases security and health condition in certain places, including underground parking lots. Although, our engineers are able to simulate two-phase currents so that they can determine the best locations for protection devices

such as detectors in an intercity gas station or similar space by simulating leaks and examining different

scenarios and finally we can simulate pool water behavior according to the water inlet and outlet location in the basin to prevent the formation of vortices.